Looking for a cool getaway to escape your daily hustles and bustles? China Ranch Date Farm is your best bet. This amazing establishment is located 85 miles west of Las Vegas near Tecopa, California, in a lush oasis, an amazing gem in the middle of the desert.

Here are all the reasons why you need to visit this amazing ranch:

1. Interesting History

Interesting History

There is an interesting story surrounding how the ranch came to be, and no better way to hear it than speaking with the owners. The Ranch was originally known as Chinaman Ranch and was owned by a Chinese man named Quon Sing/ Ah Foo. He was allegedly a farmer who fed the neighboring Death Valley borax mines. However, around 1900, he was shot off the property by a despicable character named Morrison, who wanted to hijack the property.

Over the years, the property has seen many owners and served many purposes. It is currently a forest of date palms since the Brown family purchased the farm back in 1970. They allow hikers and seasonal visitors to have a good time on the ranch. If you are looking to witness the harvest season, you should check out the place around September through December.